Friday, October 16, 2009

Crochet Potholder Swap

Mr. Postman came to see me today. He brought me my first Crochet Swap trade. My crochet swap partner was so very kind to me...this just made my day. Bev at One Yarn After Another was my partner. Bev, dearie, thank you so much..
Here is a list of the contents of the box:
1: White hotpad with green Christmas tree (crocheted)
2: Black, white and gray potholder (crocheted)
3:White Little Starburst Dishcloth (crocheted) with instructions
4:Recipe for Candy Cane Bread
5:Black Dish Towel
6:Adorable Liquid Dish Soap Crocheted Dress (red, black and white)
7: Shepherd Sock Crochet Thread (Christmas colors)
8: Oriental drawstring bag/tote
9: Inside tote:
2- Green Tea packets
1- Epicure Onion Dip Mix PAcket
Christmas candy
10:snowman buttons
11: Red Rick Rack
12: Black Ribbon
13: Ceramic Christmas candle holder, shade and candle
14: Small pkg of beads

Isn't this package just lovely? Bev, I have enjoyed having you as my very first swap partner. You made this experience very special. Thank you Thank you Thank you


  1. Golly gee whiz, I want a partner like Bev!! :) What a glorious, fun-filled basket of goodies. I think Santa visited you early!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you liked it. We weren't supposed to mail until like the end of November or something but neither Janet nor I could wait. We were having tooooooooo much fun!

    I think we should put together another swap don't you, Janet?

  3. Yes, Bev I think we should....this is too much fun for me....I'm diggin' it