Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello there new friends...I am starting a new blog. I will try to do my best to keep up with it. I have been following blogs and have tons of them saved in my favorites. I am an easy person to get along with as long as things go my way....heehee. I absolutely love crocheting and on occasion do beading, decoupage, rubber stamps, and sewing. But, my first love is crocheting. I like shabby chic because I am a girlie girl. My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It is decorated in red, black and white with a coffee theme. Maybe I'll post photos here for you to see. I take great pride in all the work I have done in that room.

In January I lost my eldest sister. It made me realize even more that I want for those I love to have something extra special from me in case I, too, pass away. I want them to have something really nice that I made especially for them. So, I began making crocheted afghans. I made a total of 7 and actually finished the last one in July. Two of them were for birthdays and the remaining 5 will be Christmas gifts for Christmas 2009. It was a huge undertaking but I am SO glad I did it.

I enjoy crocheting small items that have a function as well as "just for fun" items. I want to share these with you. It will be quite a project to show you everything but I will try.

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