Friday, October 23, 2009

I Saw God Everywhere

I SAW GOD EVERYWHERE By Myrtle Poor (c) As I stood gazing up into the trees I saw the red, green and yellow of the bright autumn leaves. It reminded me of God's rainbow so fair, I looked and I saw God everywhere. As I saw the little wild flowers so perky and gay. I thought to myself "What a beautiful day." I looked at the clouds so puffy and fair: I looked and I saw God everywhere. As I walked down the path I heard a mocking bird sing. On a far distant shore I heard a church bell ring. The peace and tranquility were wonderful there: I listened and I heard God everywhere. I heard a little brook bubbling over the rocks; I saw a swaying little boat tied up in its dock. Trees were all singing as the breeze ruffled their hair, I saw and heard God everywhere. I felt God's spirit there that day. Among the trees, the birds and the flowers so gay. I cried, "Thank God," as His spirit descended on me there. My God and His love was everywhere


  1. Beautiful post.....

  2. Lovely. Found your blog via Mary's Meanderings, and had to comment on this post. What a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing! Hope you can stop by sometime.