Thursday, October 15, 2009

Piece of My Heart

Piece of my heart
A piece of my heart belongs to you
bloom in this wasteland
You're guiding me through.
I hope that you know
how much it means to me
when you listen to my despair
and my dreams.
Sometimes I wonder if you understand
these words on the screen,
this pen in my hand.
But one thing is certain,
this is what I feel
You're my inspiration,
you're helping me heal.
Cause together we're stars
in a stormy skylight
for one another as others fade and die.
Hope in the darkness
as more pass us by
together we're stronger,
together we cry.
And when someone walks your path of life
and steals your heart away
I hope you'll still remember me.
I'll be here to light the way.
We don't need swords to see this war
though our pens are mighty
and our words are too.
As long as you need me
I'll shine bright.... and truefriend,
a piece of my heart it belongs to you.
by Seleneposted on 09/20/2008
This post is in honor of three little girls...bonded together through all eternity...nothing can change that...not even death...nothing!


  1. Very heartfelt post.....
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. Another beautiful post. You are lifting my heart up today! Suzie. xxx