Monday, October 19, 2009

Rubber Stamp Club

These are just some of the projects I have completed in Rubber Stamp Club.
I suppose it's been around 2 yrs ago that my sister asked me if I want to go to a rubber stamp club with her. She advised me that it meets one evening a month and could be something we could do together.
I have enjoyed going and have made several new friends.
I have a small collection of rubber stamps (compared to many in my club) and have genuinely enjoyed trying some new ideas.


  1. How fun!! I've never heard of a rubber stamp club, but I'd be into that! First time to your blog, and so glad I visited!! I hope you can stop by for a look at my blog, or two ... ;) take care! Fab job!

  2. These are so-o-o-o pretty!! My daughter is a huge scrapbook/card maker & she has so many rubber stamps to use!! Some are beautiful!!