Friday, October 23, 2009

What's for dinner?

Just returned from the grocery store...and ready to give this recipe a try (Bev). I cook in my crock pot several times a I am excited to give a new recipe a chance to make my hubby's taste buds dance. He HATES onions, so I put some Onion Powder in it ...maybe he won't notice.

So pretty....nice BIG Pork Cutlets...boneless of course.

Mixing it up....yummy

and pouring it in.... Thanks Bev for the recipe. Will let you know how he likes it. it is...all done...I went ahead and cut up the pork chops and mixed it in. I did have to add a little water here and there 'cause it tried to be dry. Also, the "Fiesta" corn adds a nice "bite" to it. I did taste it and it is yummy....
(I often adjust recipes this case I know my hubby likes the corn bread with corn...)
Pork Chops and Cornbread Stuffing by Bev at One Yarn After Another


  1. Interesting that you used muffin mix instead of stuffing mix. How did that turn out? I'm dying to know.

  2. I'm curious, as well. I've never made stuffing (dressing in Oklahoma (-:) with corn bread muffin mix. I'm interested to hear how the sweet and salty mixture comes out.

  3. Ok ladies, the verdict is in...hubby, Roy said the meal was DELICIOUS and even had his piece of Coconut Pie and said that was scrumptuous too..