Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally, I can show you....

I made this afghan for my brothers girlfriend for Christmas I made this one for my neice Lori for Christmas
I made this afghan for my neice Angela for Christmas
and, finally, I made the following afghan for my neice Amy for Christmas
I made a total of 7 afghans in the year 2009. 5 are for Christmas gifts and 2 were for Birthdays. It was a big undertaking but I wanted all the female members who are close to my heart to have a heirloom afghan that I made with my hands.


  1. They are ALL beautiful, Janet, but I especially like the one you made for Amy.

    So glad to see you post. I've missed you!!!

  2. I saw those afghans up close and personal.. and they are wonderful! The photos just don't do them justice (how can they?!) but they do give an idea of how GREAT they are. *Psst.. and I, too.. am glad to see your post.

  3. Hi Janet!

    I love the top afghan you made!!! VERY PRETTY!!!


  4. I love that floral afghan!!!
    I used to crochet and did maybe two afghans in my LIFE....I am duly impressed by your work. It is A LOT!
    Am sure the recipients were quite pleased with them!


  5. Each one holds a beauty of it's own and I sure the recipient of each one does also. Outstanding work.

  6. Janet I do think you have to log in to vote.

  7. Oh they are beautiful and each very individual. You are so talented. I only started crocheting in Feb 2009 and have so far only made cushions and birds. I'm half way through an afghan and loving it. I look forward to next years creations.

  8. I just love these afghans! What a brilliant idea. I've been working hard with my ripples this year too! So satisfying! They are all so beautiful well done to you for making such wonderful, wonderful presents Janet.
    I don't always have time to stop by to say hi, but today I have. I'm trying to get through all my Followers who have taken the time and trouble to make themselves known over the months.
    Thank you for your support Janet, and all the very best for 2010!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  9. You certainly do beautiful work!! I have made so many afghans over the years & there are probably a lot more to come...... Such nice work!!

  10. Think the flower one is my favorite, such pretty colors; but all are pretty and I know well received.

    Happy New Year