Monday, January 25, 2010

Wanna See My Remodel????

We now have a brand new screened in 12' x 24' back porch. Miss Meg (the kitty) saw me taking photos and decided that she had to be in this one. The porch is not finished on the inside yet.(new new indoor / outdoor carpet and more furniture). So, I decided to just take a photo of the new hightop bistro. When it is finished I will show you.
This is a photo of our new wood / laminate flooring in the dining room. We had it installed throughout the entire home (except where we put Italian Porcelan). Notice the new rug too. This is the new Italian Porcelan around the bathtub in the Master Bath.
more Italian Porcelan in the Master Bath
and we didn't forget the kitchen
This is the new wood / laminate flooring and new rug in the living room. Also, notice the new sconces we had installed in the niche.
Upclose of the new sconces in the niche in the Living Room
My brand new bedroom suite in the front bedroom. You can also see some of the new flooring in this photo. This furniture is made by Kathy Ireland and is made of Chestnut.
The media stand....still haven't bought my new flat screen...but that will come.
The dresser....
upclose of the headboard. I hope you enjoyed the tour....all of this took around 6 weeks of contractors being in the home non-stop...but well worth it.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Bet it all feels so brand-new, doesn't it? I love the look.

  2. Wow! such a beautiful home, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I've missed you on CM. Take care my friend.

  3. What a lovely place to call home.

  4. You have been busy and it looks gorgeous! suzie. xxx

  5. Got your comment at my blog. Enjoyed seeing all the pic's. Yes, you have been busy! -An your home is absolutely beautiful. Cant wait to see it in person. Love ya!