Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Angelas Birthday Today

It's my neices birthday today. This photo was taken of she and I on my last birthday. Angela is an artist (with a degree and everything). She paints beautiful pictures. Just gave me an idea.....I need to post her paintings she has made for me on here...I have 3 of them. Happy birthday beautiful young lady....
This is a card and crocheted bookmark I made for her as part of her birthday gift. On the card I photo copied some fabric and this bookmark and built the card around it. Had to make an envelope too...


  1. HI ya doing? Love the bookmark you made your niece (she looks like you!)...hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Congrats on the 22nd!

  2. Awesome card and awesome card idea! Good job! Love the crochet, too!

  3. Janet, I saw this on her coffee table. Your so smart! I thought you had cut or printed out the picture and made the bookmark accordingly. (I had it backwards -- go figure!) I was like, "Wow, that looks just like the card!" *giggle*

    (It's all your fault!)