Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Master Bath Redo

Well, these photos are a disappointment and I almost didn't post them. I'm not sure why the wall color came out the way it did. I even tried enhancement and color correction...but the walls are actually a rich golden mustard color. Hopefully you'll get the idea though...


  1. I love the tile work & the color on my computer does look like a rich mustard gold!! Beautiful....

  2. The pictures look great as does the bathroom. The wall art looks like framed Granny squares to me :0)

  3. A beautiful bathroom! The color does come across as a rich yellow/gold. Tell us about the wall art. :-)

  4. The wall art is from Kirklands...just several different framed medallions...thought it brought out the tuscany idea we were going for.

  5. Beautiful, Janet! I can picture it with the dark mustard walls. What a relaxing little haven for a nice, hot bath. Love your music, by the way. I'm not sure what quartet is singing, but I LOVE gospel quartet music. :)

  6. All of your home redos are beautiful!

    The Master Bath pictures are a good representation, the second photo more true to the deep rich wall color, and.. WoW, in person its ALL breath-taking beauty! Yawl did a wonderful job of picking and choosing your colors and decor.

    I can hear ya now: "Calgon.. take me away!"