Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

This is the card I made for Roy in honor of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary which was on Valentines Day. I bought the romantic wedding paper from my favorite Rubber Stamp Store name A Small Cleverness.
This is the inside of the card. Notice the wedding rings suspended in the center. We had a wonderful anniversary which we celebrated the Saturday before Valentines Day. We went shopping and each bought new outfits, went to Peter Brooke chocolates and each bought chocolates (mine was the chocolate covered oreos and his was chocolate covered raisins). We went out to eat and I got new shoes and yellow roses....
p.s. I just love that man!!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    May you have many, many years of health & happiness in your future!!
    p.s. The card is sensational!! Great job.....


    ~ Susan

  3. Oh how lovely! We all seem to be very happily married (for years) in Blogland!
    Congratulations to you both!
    What an achievement
    we're 27 years in June.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. As you already know, we share wedding anniversaries on Valentine's Day. Ours was 40 years this year. I think we need to see a picture of this hubby of yours. Congratulations again, Janet. I love the card you made and bet he did too.

  5. Beautiful card, Janet! Gots to remember to take that to Stamp Club.

    Yum.. Peterbrooke Chocolates! I got some for Valentines Day and inhaled it. Just like a Magic Trick.. *poof* be gone!

    "Happy Anniversary to You Two Love-Birdies!"