Friday, March 26, 2010

101 Small Daily Pleasures

I saw this on another blog...and thought I would stop and try to do it... here we go:
1. Sitting on my back porch
2. Watching my 3 kitties playing
3: Watching the birds at the birdfeeder
4: Watching the bird build a nest in the birdhouse
5: Straightening up the house so it looks nice
6: Reading my Bible
7:Checking my email ; hoping for emails from loved ones
8: Checking my blog to see if there are any comments from friends from blogland
9: Enjoying a few cups of hot, black coffee
10: Checking the mail...snail mail
12: Sewing...made a pillow yesterday
13: Watching HGTV...decorating and crafts shows
14: Watching Martha Stewart at 11a.m.
15: Doing my rubber stamp homework
16: Making get well cards for my friends who are having a difficult time.
17: Putting dinner in the slow cooker
18: Phone calls from my children
19: Phone calls and text messages from those I love
20: Lotion
21: Music...mostly gospel
22: Candles
23: Listening to the birds sing..including my lovebird..Penny
24: Speaking with God
25: Going to church
26: Pretty dishes
27: Collecting cat stuff
28: Looking at old photos
29: Curled up watching movies with my hubby
30: Search Engines
31: Posting on my blog
32: Reading my friends blogs
33: Rubber Stamp Club
34:Collecting bird stuff
35: Enjoying my back porch
36: decorating
37: Geneology
38: The Sunshine
39: Listening to the rain
40: Watching a loved ones face when I make them something
41: My entire family...
42: Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwiches
43: Iced Tea
44: Playing games with my husband
45: Shopping
46: Eating out (favorites: Mo's, Texas Roadhouse and Sweet Tomatoes)
47: Going on a "bargain" hunt
48: date night (which happens to be tonight )
49: did I mention CROCHETING?(Thought I'd mention it twice)
50: Hot Chocolate
51: Cashews
52: Curled up watching tv with two kitties sleeping beside me
53: Shopping with my favorite shopping hubby
54: Getting my hair done
55: Soaking in the bath tub
56: Banana Pudding (my favorite dessert)
57: Cinnamon Rolls
58: God's little creatures
59: Cooking (finding new recipes)
60: A short roadtrip
61: Taking photos
62: Singing at church (I just rejoined the choir at church)
63: Singing when I am alone in the house at the top of my lungs while cleaning...(gospel music)
64: Counting my blessings
65: Gardening (have all potted plants now so I don't have to pull the weeds)
66: Watching my seedlings grow (have 4 o'clocks, babies breath, honeydew melons, and red poppies growing now)
67: Playing with my kitties wt the laser light
68: Visiting my son Micah when he comes to town
69: Seeing and visiting with the most precious sister and brother on earth
70: Talking with my friends on the phone
71: Visiting with my friends
72: Woodburning
73: Making DVD's with photos
74: Downloading my favorite gospel music onto CD's
75: Sharing
76: Kissing hubby when he comes home from work
77: Chocolate candy
78: Seeing my neices and nephew
79: Hugs
80: Smiles
81: Flowers (hubby brought me some tulips last weekend)
82:Yellow Roses
83: Antique Shops and Malls
84: Flower arranging
85: Target, Walmart and Hobby Lobby
86: Pretty lamps
87: naps
88: baking
89: canning (which I need to start doing again)
90: Being a hostess at an event (planning and executing)
91: Watching children play
92: Memories of my children when they were little
93: Revisiting yesterday
94: Listening to stories of other peoples lives
95: Holding a baby
96: Playing Sims (which I haven't done in a long time)
97: Crochet Swaps (only did one and loved it...wanna do another)
98: Laying my head down at the close of the day and crawling under the covers (with one foot hanging out of course)
99: Watching the sun go down
100: Having the warm, fluffy feeling in my heart
101: Peace in knowing that I need not worry about tomorrow...God is already there.
Well, I did it...would love to read yours.


  1. What an inspiration your blog is to me today.

    I hope you like the award I gave you.

  2. What a wonderful post!! I so enjoyed reading your 101 things.....
    Happy Spring!!

  3. This is such a nice post- It would be fun to do this, and frame it where I could be reminded daily of all the wonderful things in my life...thanks for sharing!

  4. did that quick!! it's so lovely to look for the good things in the world isn't it?? xx

  5. Yes LissyLou ..thank you for the inspiration...and yes it didn't take me very long at all...because I am so thankful for all the small things in my life.

  6. Oh my!! I SHOULD do this because it would make me stop and truly think, but I don't have the time right at the moment. Lol Loved reading yours though! Can definitely identify with crawling under the covers and leaving one foot sticking out. Some nights I battle the covers to get that foot out!! LOL

  7. Wonderful and inspiring blog today! Thank you for sharing all those wonderful things to be thankful for.

  8. What a great idea, Janet!

    Loved reading them all. And #15- Nope, I haven't done mine yet! I've started tho. -Was happy to read #62, knowing that's a passion of yours.

    Love ya!