Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Trip

I went to see some long time friends in Winter Haven, Fl this past weekend. I left early Friday morning and got home late afternoon on Saturday. Pat and I have been good friends for over 20 yrs. I hope you enjoy the photos...
Friday, my good friends, Pat, Fay and I ate lunch at Lavender and Lace. It's a small tea house. This is what I ate...Fruit and Chicken Salad Plate...yummy After lunch we went to "The Barn." It's a huge antique, gift shop and tea room. There are 4 buildings in a row. Starting from left to right a garden shop (shown above) a gift shop ( next two photos), a tea room and an antique shop.
Beauty in the gift shop
ok drooling now....
Janet, Pat and Fay having coffee in the tea room at The Barn.
On Saturday, we went to a craft show in the city of Auburndale. The photo above is a gospel group name Royal City. These are friends of Pats. They are singing gospel music in the middle of town on the stage. It was beautiful. I bought a CD and listened to it all the way home.
And this is just a bonus...We saw this guy with his friend (couldn't get his friend in the photo) eating in a yard in the neighborhood...


  1. Oh WOW...That antique shop looks yummy!! Looking at all the goodies & bling!!
    Glad you had a good time!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!!

  2. Oh, what a fun trip. I'm so jealous!

  3. Getting away for a weekend sounds wonderful! Looks like y'all had a great time and good eats.
    I think I could get in trouble in the antique shop....yikes! :)


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! suzie. xxx

  5. Yikes! I was thinking you were going THIS weekend. And lookee there you done been and returned. (I cant keep up!) Glad ya had a good time. Was going to tell ya to tell Pat & Fay I said "hi!" but.. too late. *grin* Next time.