Thursday, October 8, 2009


A slow cooker cover I designed and made for my sister. On the wall behind it are some potholders I made her a while back. A fall clutch I made recently A "cup of joe" I made just for kicks

I will show you more at a later date...


  1. Don't ya' just love all the things that can be made with crochet??? Do you do thread crochet?? I love making doilies & I think I own just about every pattern that Annie's Attic ever published.....

  2. I'm not sure how this replying to your comments work. Not sure if you will be able to view it but I have worked with thread but it has been a while. I'll post a couple of my doilies on here soon. But I don't really have too many that I have made. But, in answer to your question YES I love all the things that can be made with crochet.

  3. Your crochet work above is simply beautiful. I don't ever think I would've thought about making something to cover my crock-pot. How very interesting!

    Thank you, Janet, for your kind comments on my blog today. I feel blessed to be able to share my feelings and know that I have friends out there whom I've never even met who care and listen. This is a wonderful little community we have here, and I'm happy you've joined us.
    - Keri