Friday, October 9, 2009

I love baskets and boxes. There is something about them that draw me. I believe it is because they look nice and have function. Here are some that I made from a pattern in a crochet magazine. I made many of these but these are the ones I kept for myself.


  1. These cute crocheted baskets would sure come in handy in most households!
    Nice post....

  2. Your crochet work is beautiful! I love the clutch from your previous post, and the baskets you made from yard are amazing...I've never seen anything so creative...what a gift you have!

    I adore that black cat! Too cute!!!

    God bless,

  3. Hey, Janet, I, too, am drawn to baskets and containers, cozies, and any other vessels that are quick to make and can actually be used. I love your baskets and they look very functional, as well as being an attractive addition to your decor. - Keri -