Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's been a sad week here in my area in Florida. Monday a little 7 yr old child did not come home from school. the Clay County police, countless volunteers , family and friends looked high and low for her. The whole Nation prayed for her. Her little body was found and it has tore many of us up...even those of us who do not know her or her family.
Myself and a person from the Nancy Grace message board has started a new Facebook community that is open to the public in honor of "our" missing children. It is : Facebook Keep Your Children Safe. Just type this name in your search engine and you should be able to view it. We invite you to join us in doing what we can to make a difference.
We are already writing letters to Governor Charlie Crist advising him that we are tired of hearing about all the missing children in this state. We are requesting that he take responsibility to keep our children safe by keeping sex offenders / predators in prison for life. It's gone on way too long and has destroyed way too many hearts. You can find his email address on this site. You don't have to be from Florida to write him. You just have to be sick of hearing about it over and over again.
Here is a poem in memory of Somer Thompson:
Out of the arms of mommy and daddy
and into the arms of Jesus God sent a angel to the earth...
The sweetest angel too and for such a tiny little thing,
she had so much to do.
She knew she did not have much time upon this earth to stay,
so she did not waste a second; she got started right away.
Her eyes were bright and sparkly, she took in every turn.
She did not miss a single thing, because this angel came to learn!
God sent her here to touch the hearts of those he could not reach..
She taught them courage, strength and faith, because our angel came to teach.
Her tiny little body was so full of God above,
you felt it when you held her , because this angel came to love.
She did her patty cakes, made her monkey face,
and batted colored keys all day, stroked her teddy bear untill she fell asleep,
because God's angel came to play.
In seven short years she managed what many never will.
When she went home to Jesus, her purpose was fullfilled.
She learned and taught, loved and played, she learned her lessons well.
I know He was so proud of her when she went home to dwell.
I think He gave her golden keys to play with all the day...
That she patty cakes with the other angels and makes her monkey face.
I will bet she tells them all shes go-oo-od and I am sure they all agree...
I know she thinks that Heaven is simply heavenly.
But when we miss her OH-SO-MUCH, we can almost hear Him say,
please understand, her work was done...
My angel did not come to stay.
(I did not write this but found it and altered it a little bit.)
Facebook Keep Your Children Safe


  1. What absolutely awful and sad news. Poor little girl. Suzie. x

  2. I've been following that story here in California. It is so sad...

    Thank you for stopping by and entering my giveaway and adding my button. Good luck.

  3. What a heartbreaking story! My heart just breaks for parents who have gone through this and I pray that God will comfort their hearts as only He can.