Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now that Bev at One Yarn After Another has received her swap package I can post my sisters birthday gifts I made her for her big 50. In these photos you will see the most beautiful 50 yr old on the planet...and believe me she is beautiful inside and out.
The first picture is of her and her pink sock monkey I crocheted. I made one for Bev too...sorry folks no more of those...making 2 is enough. My sister named hers Lucy.
The second picture is a victorian pineapple / rose afghan I made earlier in the year for this special occasion. I love my sissy.


  1. Lovely ways to celebrate the big 5-0!!! And a pink sock monkey!!! :)
    The afghan is beautiful---I have a clue how much time that took, and it makes my hands hurt thinking about it!
    Very nice!!!


  2. I love my pink sock monkey -- he's absolutely the most precious thing EVER!

  3. You do such beautiful work. I know I say that over and over, but it's so true! The sock monkey is adorable . . . are you sure you're done making them? :) And, the afghan? Well, it's absolutely amazing, and so much time and love went into it. You must have a wonderful sister. My sister is 45, so if I'm going to do something special like that for her, I'd better get my hook busy. - Keri -

  4. Your afghan is beautiful. I have made many, many afghans over the years so I know how much time went into it!! Very lucky sister!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  5. Keri and Bev, a friend sent me an email this morning...wants me to make her a sock monkey for her great granddaughter who is just a baby. Yikes...for her I would do almost anything but the tiny buttons have me concerned...the baby is very small. So, i told her I would try to make something else smaller and without the button eyes and nose.

  6. I absolutely L-O-V-E my afghan and "I Love Lucy!" The afghan is beauty-FULL on my bed and of course, Lucy enjoys sitting right atop of it.(To Marilyn) Yes, I am a very lucky spoiled-rotten sister! Janet spoils me with all kinds of crochet goodies. Along w/the afghan and Lucy she also crochet'd me a chocolate piece of cake. She's made me winter hats 40's fashion style and scarfs and purses and even an oreo cookie! Amazing at what magic she spins w/her hook and a ball of yarn!

  7. Ladies, meet my sister..the lovely Wanda.