Sunday, November 29, 2009


We just returned from Epcot in Orlando. My son took this photo. We spent 4 nights at the Coronado Springs Resorts at Disney. We (My husband and son) had a wonderful time. We visited many different countries there. Ate in Mexico, France and Great Britain. We rode the newest ride; Soaring. I loved that ride and could've ridden it over and over. It's like we were on a journey flying over countryside, water, and several countries...we flew in the air above the clouds and saw hot air balloons, helicopters, even flew over an air craft carrier. It was literally like being taken away. It was serene and beautiful. We also were there for opening night of the Candlelit Procession that had a choir of about 200 members, a narrator and a live orchestra. There must have been a thousand or more people standing outside in the 40 degree weather watching this awesome live show. It was Epcots way of opening the Christmas season. I was amazed and almost moved to tears when I witnessed this. At least a thousand people listening as the narrator is telling the story of Jesus, Gods son being born in a manger. How he was the only sinless man ever born and that He was our gift from God. The entire story of Christ was shared to the masses. I thought over and over that "they" will NEVER take Christ out of Christmas no matter how hard they try. There is so much more to write about but at least I shared the highlights with you.

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