Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Screened In Porch

These are the pictures I have so far of my new screened in back porch. This is a little close up of what is on the large table. Sister gave me the candles and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought everything they had with my favorite Bible verse on it...heehee This is on the small bistro set
....the small bistro set...the chairs swivel and rock
a two seater glider and floor lamp my sister gave me...
new plant hubby bought me today...and Stormy my kitty sitting on high top bistro chair.
This is the large table..has 6 chairs...and of course, baby kitty, Mini sitting in the swivel rocker..
I know it all still looks a little bare...but as the weather gets nicer I'll be able to put a few more plants out there and maybe it won't look so bare. As it is now we have seating for 12...


  1. Oh, can I come for a visit and sit with you out on the screened porch? We could chat and crochet away in absolute bliss -- especially if you made some of those yummy tacos and burritos. ;-)

  2. Oh that is very nice! I love that verse too!

  3. I like your furniture! Looks very comfy and beautiful.

    Do you have a picture of the whole room? I'm trying to place where everything is located. I think I've got it figured but then I've been on your back porch before to recognize windows an doorways.

    Hey, the indoor outdoor carpet looks great too!

    You are gonna be enjoying that this year and for many yrs to come.

  4. Hi!

    when you said that you like birds, I thought you meant LIVE birds. I like them too. BUt the ones I like are outside. I have a Hummingbird feeder, a plain ol bird feeder with seed in it, and a BELL SEED. I love it!!!


  5. I do like LIVE birds...I have one name Penny...she is a lovebird.